DSan Limitimer Pro-2000 Speaker Timer

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DSAN Limitimer pro 2000 countdown clock Rental

Limitimer & Audience Signal Light Overview:The D’San Limitimer PRO-2000 is an automated speaker timer system that provides an ideal time-keeping solution during presentations. With 4 programmable time modes that provide total time, remaining time, sum-up time, and beep / blink settings, the timer provides versatile cue options via beep, blink, or beep-blink combinations. Global timer options include count-up or count-down, stop-clock or continuous count, minutes : seconds or hours : minutes, and ring / buzz / chime-based audible cues. You can connect two Limitimer consoles to one or more signal lights and configure them to allow start and stop control. The DSAN Audience Signal Light is the large-display for the DSAN Limitimer timekeeper for presentational speakers. With 4″” timer digits and green-yellow-red warning lights, it simplifies the presentation process by signaling the speaker when to start or stop. It can also be used as a regular digital clock when the timer functionality is off

Hive Radio MasterCue Light System

Our MasterCue V6 is a wireless presenter control system with 3 x USB ports to control up to 3 computers.

Kit Includes:1 x Base Station & RF Receiver
2 x Wireless Remotes
2 x Hard-wired Remotes
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